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Keynote Speakers

Amala Karri

Amala is a freshman at George Washington University and served as president of her high school debate team at Hunter College High School. Over 4 years, she has amassed 9 bids and one auto-qualification to the Tournament of Champions. She has reached semifinals at Harvard and Princeton, and has finaled at UPenn and Ridge. She also received a top 5 speaker award at Harvard, Princeton, Lexington, Ridge, and UK. She currently coaches the Horace Mann debate team.

Inbar Pe'er

Inbar Pe’er is a sophomore at Columbia University studying Political Science focusing on International Politics. She debated for four years for Stuyvesant High school in Manhattan, New York. As a Junior she reached Finals at Glenbrooks, Quarter-Finals at Princeton and Blake and received six bids to the Tournament of Champions. As a Senior, she reached Semi Finals at Emory and received two bids to the Tournament of Champions. She also served as the first sole female president of the Stuyvesant Speech and Debate team in her Senior year. In her freshman year of college she coached the Trinity debate team.

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